Friday, April 25, 2008

Small Progress in the Studio

So today I didn't make a whole lot of progress in the studio yesterday though I spent hours in here...

I did get all my shelves and drawers put together. My hands were sure tired after that!

I am at a bit of an impasse though. I feel stuck. I have all these places to put stuff and I don't know what I should actually put in them....I stare at the table and the various little piles of stuff everywhere and try to figure out categories of stuff...and it's just not working.

However, I will leave you with a picture of two of my four shelf/cupboard/drawer thingies:

Getting these made and cleaning out under the table was quite a project really. bleh.

I saw a Target commercial last night and in it there is a beautiful young woman in a slim white dress and high heels and she is vacuuming with one of those little cone-shaped hand vacs.

It suddenly dawned on my that that is what my problem is - I don't wear dresses or high heels and thus my house never gets cleaned! If I had know that this was all I had to do I would be the Clean Queen!

OK. It was a nice theory anyway.

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