Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Another new piece

This is another little guy - 6x6, acrylic on panel.

Acid (rain)

I have two more in the works...I need to get off my bum though and get to work on making room in my studios so I can work on my bigger stuff.  I've decided that people like BIG paintings, but can only afford little ones! ah...such a conundrum!

A woman at the art group I belong to brought in a big painting for part of the demo last weekend and it was big and she and her husband had made some easel type things to display the piece. It was cool and I need to ask her how they made them because I forgot to look while there... Of course they need to have a wall or whatever to prop them against - they were sort of free-standing... that might be a problem in this studio...ha!

I'm just happy to be painting a little. I find that doing so in the a.m. early before I go work out or get any other part of my day under way, is the only time I really get. I always have aspirations of staying up late, but it never does seem to work out that way.

I need to update my website in the worst way too...ugh. I need more hours in the day!

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