Friday, August 10, 2012

Maybe, just maybe, I am over the block I had earlier this week.'s still there, but I am pushing forward anyway - working on something a little familiar to me, just make it so that I CAN work. I have found that if I do something I have done before, not only does it not look the same (which is good), but it gets me out of my head a little, and thus, I can be productive. I often discover something new too!

I have been trolling the internets this a.m. looking at encaustic stuff.  What fun it is to just surf around and look at great artwork. I try to let it inspire me, not intimidate me, but there is often a feeling of ... oh! I wish I had done that! :)

At any rate while surfing images I saw one of my own...uncredited of course...I know there is little you can do with websites that swipe your pics and then post them with no credit. It's not a very good piece anyway, so I am going to let it go. Just a little disturbing to find it out there...

I hope to have some new pics for you later on - or maybe early in the week next week. Wow! Look at me and all my post-i-ness! I SO need to be better about blogging here...I am trying, I swear!!!

Off for more coffee!

A Rose, Lacking Soul
6x6, mixed media on panel


JoyfulArt said...

Glad you let us know that you have this blog out there. I will keep up with you now.

APeacock said...

Thanks Sue! :)

just jen said...

you were made for encaustic and know you'll make it your own!