Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lattice Quilt squares

I took a little break from making gelli prints. I had pieced together some lattice quilt squares sometime around Christmas, but didn't have the time to put them together until now.

These are 5" squares. The final project will be something for my mom's table or perhaps the top of her trunk/coffee table. Haven't decided how to quilt it yet but maybe just something simple, as my free motion skills are minimal and slightly rusty.

that last picture is the cute little pile of detritus left after squaring up my blocks. :)

My hope is to get the last two rows pieced in the a.m. and then the rows sewn together. After that I get to try out my spray basting stuff for the first time. We'll see if I like it or not. It will need a border of some kind as well, but I haven't picked the fabric for that yet.... stay tuned!

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