Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rusty Gelli Prints and other projects in the works

Was so pleased with these that I thought I would share. A photographer, I am NOT!. I must scan all these lovelies soon but for now...

Click for bigger pics!

I sort of feel like these would be really nice framed...not that I think they are high art or anything, but I love the layers on them and the colors too. I could do more to them I suppose but I think for now I will leave them be.

So, In addition to gelli prints I am trying to square up some quilt blocks that I made a few months ago. They are smallish so this is taking some time...but I want to try to make a...something for my table - or maybe my mom's table. A runner? topper? something. I don't have tons of blocks, not enough for a lap quilt or anything like that. I actually planned to make her a quilt for Mother's day, but I really don't think that is going to happen. I just don't think I have time. Although...I have a lot of the fabric cut you never know.

The hardest part about having different interests, is trying to divide your time between them. I could stand there and do prints for hours and hours...and I really do love to paint. I love sewing too, but it's not as forgiving a medium. You have to be more precise, more patient. It's good for me to develop those things in myself. And practise. Lots and lots of practise. There seems to me to be a very long learning curve...

Anyway, hopefully back later with perhaps a few pictures of my quilt blocks. It's early and I haven't had nearly enough coffee!

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