Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More Gelli Prints!

My new gelli plate has turned out fine. I have made some more prints and thought I would show you some of them.

I have actually considered making them into a book of some sort - maybe folding over the pages and binding it that way. Then I think....what for? I don't really journal and the colors on the prints might not show up any writing I might do. So...I don't know...it's still up in the air. BTW, I have used bristol for the prints - it's pretty heavy so that I suppose will limit their use somewhat. I think they would cool collaged into a painting though...

At this point, I don't really care what they are going to be for - they are just fun to make! And I really like taking colors that don't seem to go together well or that somehow seem...ugly...and seeing what comes it.

I am up a little early today for a change. I am hoping to get a few things done in the studio here - not sure what yet, as I am still shaking off sleep....really need to go to bed earlier...

I was doing a few prints yesterday and my husband came into the room and watched me for a minute and after I pulled a print he looked at it and said, 'well, that's kind of boring!' and I told him that it was boring now but just wait! that was only the first layer!!

I can see why people end up with hundreds and hundreds of these - it's very addicting and so much fun to see what they turn out like. It's like a mystery!

OK - off to work some!


Just Jen said...

very cool Amy! I use bristol board as my work table covering. When it gets too covered, I cut it up into 5x7" pieces and use it as the base for collage. You could do the same with your gelli prints.

Carol said...

I really love these - you go, gal!