Monday, March 17, 2014

Studio Clean Out 2014

It's been a while since I posted here. It's not so much that I haven't been doing anything, but more that my environment was so non-conducive to creativity that I finally had to DO something about IT.

Getting rid of things is hard. I bought an organizing book. It was OK, but perhaps not really what I needed. However, it did tell me that whatever I did to my space, ultimatley it had to work for ME.

Will my studio ever show up in the pages of Where Women Create? Probably not. I'm ok with that. Although I would be a liar if I said I didn't dream of having a studio a bit like those in the pages of that magazine.

I do know that I am blessed to have a big space. I know lots of people who work in closets and corners and on tables. Been there and done that too. Of course, a big space means nothing if you don't work in it.

So in February, after much staring at the walls and mulling it over, and just generally freaking out about it, I decided it was time.

After much culling, donations, bags of trash, consolidation, tears, and angst, I can say that I have a space that I think will work for what I want to do in the near future. This meant that I had to make some really hard decisions about what it was I really needed to have around me. I decided that I would put away my encaustic painting supplies for now. I packed up my stamps. I packed up my toys and other extraneous and non-art related stuff. And I had a lot of that. I certainly have more to do. Much more. But I think that for now, I am at a place that will allow me to do the three things I decided to focus on: painting, quilting, and jewelry. 

We shall see if this pans out. Right now I am fighting something called de Quervain's Syndrome, which is akin to carpal tunnel syndrome, which I also have.  Basically, it's inflammation of the tendons in the thumb and wrist. Fun Stuff. Not. hopefully my appointment with a doc later this week will see the end of this soon so I can get to work!

Anyway, in order to appreciate the magnitude of what I accomplished, some before pictures are needed.  Things were so bad in here that  I could have qualified for a episode of Hoarders. OK, maybe not that bad. No garbage, no dead animals. But stuff? Oh my, yes.

So without further ado, I give you my before pics: (some of which were taken just after I began...)

And now, I give you the after pics. The layout of the studio has stayed the same, but I have designated certain areas for certain things. One end is for sewing, and one is for painting. The jewelry stuff will be happening in another room. perhaps pics of that later on...

I spent no money on anything except for a new iron and ironing board. I also hope to get some doors for the shelving that houses my fabrics. Otherwise, I didn't need to buy anything except big trash bags and a bottle of Spic-N-Span!

I am very pleased with the results. As I look at the pictures here, I can see all kinds of things that I still need to work on. Stuff I need to pitch. Stuff I need to donate. Stuff that needs a better home.  I still hate my floor, although most people seem to like it. I don't, but on the other hand that makes me not worry about spilling paint on it. And I hope that will be happening soon...very, very soon!



Just Jen said...

wow! impressive Spring clean Amy. I'm inspired!!

bridgette said...

Looks great!Good luck with the tendon inflammation.

Lisa JonesMoore said...

LOVE the before and after pics!!

Elaine Normandy said...

You studio looks great!