Tuesday, November 29, 2005

in honor of self portrait tuesday...

Still not posting here....

the desire to paint is definitely there... I have a notebook full of ideas...

now I just need the time to DO it.

why am I so tired all the time?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I might actually get this figured out - normally I am really good at figuring out how to do things....but I just haven't had time to spend here. I have an LJ tho, and that's where I make most of my posts - at least personal ones. I hope to use this one for art posts - but then again...I would actually have to be making art. That's something I haven't done in 8 months or so, much to my dismay.

Still, you can check out my art at http://www.pavoninestudios.com if you are interested in seeing some stuff before I get my shit together here and can post new things. For now, here is a piece I did some time ago -from my Pricate Dick series.....I hope to do more in this series...someday.
That's it for now!