Sunday, September 20, 2009

Greetings everyone! sorry I have been so lax here on my art blog. No real good reason for that - other than I get easily sidetracked! I have been doing some work though and thought I would share a picture with you.

This was a piece that I started a long time ago - maybe two years or so - abandoned because I was growing tired of working on canvas and really loving working on panels. After cleaning out my studio a little, I rediscovered this piece and some others. I can assure you that this piece looks NOTHING like it did when I started to rework it. :) If I get my act together, I will show the progression of this painting from it's state of abandonment to the present.

Anyway, here it is!

14x18, mixed media on canvas
Prairie Fire

This may be spoken for, but if you really like it, let me know - I may do prints of it or the original may be available....

Otherwise, I have been making lots of notes to myself for future paintings though I have yet to begin anything. soon I hope! Fall and winter are coming and I hope to get in some good studio time in the coming months.