Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Few new Paintings

Just thought I would share a couple of paintings that I finished recently. Yes, they are for sale....

Deeper, 12x12, detail, Mixed media on panel, $215

The Pond, 8x8, mixed media on panel, $90
(this is a better picture than the one I posted earlier this week...)

enjoy! I will hopefully be back with more soon!

I am sending in my teaching proposal for ArtFest tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Pavonine Studios - Reclaimed

Yes, it's true - I finished my studio makeover. I shot a video and had my husband John add music and stuff and so...without further ado...

I hope you enjoyed the tour.

This was actually shot about a week and a half ago. My studio looks a little different now. More specifically, my table is, once again, crowded with stuff.

The main difference here is that it is crowded with ART STUFF not the mundane detritus of life (otherwise known as Stuff Amy Needs To Put Away Someday But Is Too Lazy To Do It Now).

I've been shopping. I go through these phases where I like to go shopping and buy new supplies - although, as you can plainly see in my video, a lack of supplies is NOT my problem. Still, it's fun to go out and see what new products are out there. Of course, I went without a list and so I forgot about three things I actually NEEDED to get. This, people, is why I make lists. I am nothing more than a jibbering idiot if I go without a list.

And I have given it a lot of thought and have decided to offer up my canvases to my artist friends in the art group I belong to. I just don't paint on canvas any more - and it's not like, if I get the sudden hankerin' to paint on one, that I can't go get one somewhere.

So, have I been doing any art?



I am currently working on a teaching proposal as well. The deadline is looming and I am running into technical difficulties...
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No *REALLY* I have been working - I SWEAR!

I have managed to get everything off the floor in here and have vacuumed. I still need to mop and find my SOS pads so that I can attempt to clean off some of the dried on paint that's on the floor. I tried goof off, but it didn't really seem to work and it's a bit smelly so I am going to try the SOS pads and if that doesn't work then the paint will just have to stay there. It's not like I like my floor anyway.

I have to take out two bags of trash and a bin full of recyclables (is that a word?). Then begins the task of cleaning off the work tables in here. Which currently look like this:

Yeah. They WERE getting better. But that was before they got worse. Yikes. I have my work cut out for me. Because a lot of this is 'problem child' stuff - things I don't know quite what to do with.

I know I shouldn't mop before completing the project, but I feel the need to do it so that I feel as if I am making progress. It's all an illusion I am sure.

Cassie is trying to help me.

If only I could get her to sort through my drawer units. She could make some effort to earn her keep around here....

OK - off to find those SOS pads. (Update: SOS pads didn't work. Poo. But at least the floor is mopped. I sent my man to the store to find another kind of stripper to see if that works...)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Just a wee little tease of some progress on the studio for you.

My sitting area - scroll down if you want to see what it used to look like...

Normal lighting here : (actually my red walls aren't quite that garish...that's a flash for ya...)

A little mood lighting for ya:

So it seems kind of rainy this morning - I thought it was supposed to be nice. I just want it to be a little warmer. I'd to not have to turn on the heat in the mornings. Is that so much to ask?

OK - off to shower and then get to work in here! I'd love to have some new paintings to put here instead of pictures of my slowly evolving studio....