Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Holidays!'s been ages since I posted here. I'm just not into having more than one blog going although I will try to be better about posting here in the new year.

I do have new artwork - as of October anyway. It's been so busy around here - and NOT with art either! Here's a sample:

and another:

And more can be seen at my website:

Anyway, the circle thing is what I am working on now and will probably be working on for sometime because my art time is rather sporadic. Ihave lots of ideas and plans but so far no time to go with them.

I will be showing my work in Edmonds at the library there in June. More details on that to follow.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Just in case anyone is reading this I thought I would mention the show next weekend.

If you are in the Seattle area you might want to come check it out. We will be in the ArtWorks building on the corner of 2nd and Dayton in downtown Edmonds on Saturday and Sunday, April 29 and 30, from 10-4.

Lots of great artists there and most of the art is very affordable. Do come see us if you can if if I'm there stop by and say hi!

Oh and admission is FREE! Free is good!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Good god - has it really been three months since I posted anything here? I seriously doubt anyone is even looking at this - and that's ok really. I don't have any art to share I am afraid. Iwish I did. I have a show coming up at the end of April and I don't have a thing for it yet. I am hoping I can pull something out of my ass before then. I really don't want to have to put out old stuff - granted, it's not been seen before and so no one would know it was old - excpet me.

I think part of the problem, other that my living circumstances right now, is that I can hardly get IN my studio - nevermind actually PAINTING something! I'm bad to let things go and then I can't stand it any more and I go inito a frenzy cleaning and organizing and so on. but I haven't done that in a coon's age. And it shows. So I really need to spend some time in here and get things cleaned up and put away and my work table cleared off a bit. Talk about blocked chi!

Anyway, I promise to post something here soon - I don't know what yet. It's a suprise - even to me!

Maybe I'll post a picture of the new border I made up for my website: