Monday, February 12, 2007

oh MAN!!! I am really excited that my piece I did for the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery sold! This is the third year I have done the auction and this is the first time my piece has sold before the auction was over! Woot!

Here's a little picture of it.

The theme was "shelter" because the gallery was benifitting (is that even a word??) SOS which is a organization that helps the homeless. Anyway, the show itself goes through the first part of March 2007 and if you want more details go here:

I am also in the throes of writing a grant proposal - something i have never done before - so wish me luck. the competition is fierce.

OK - I am off to try to get something done around this pit of a house! Oh and I need to update my link here on this stay tuned...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Let's see. I know my blogspot page looks funny. I don't come here frequently enough to know all the tricks, so it will just have to look funny I guess.

Right now I am working on my auction item for the annual Mary Lou Zeek Gallery 100 artists fundraiser. This year they are benefitting an organization that helps the homeless break the cycle...

I will try to post a pic when I get it done. It's late already!